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MailLoop by the Internet Marketing Center

Price: $397 plus bonuses

Mailloop is an auto-responder package marketed by Derek Geihl’s Internet Marketing Center.  It includes most of the features of competitive email auto-responders including:

  • Collecting email addresses from opt-in web forms.
  • Automatically sending confirmations to new subscribers.
  • Responder series messages.
  • Responder broadcast messages.
  • Incoming email forwarding.
  • Unlimited number of custom database fields.
  • Custom email forms using custom database fields.
  • Email and newsletter templates.
  • Built-in ebook distribution.
  • Email address filtering.

It’s important to note that Mailloop is not one of the web based auto-responder services.  This means that you have to install Mialloop on one of your own computers and manage the ins-and-outs of complying with the CAN-SPAM act.  You will also have to work with your ISP to make sure they allow the auto-responder messages to be sent through your account.

Mailloop requires an XP/Vista Windows system.  It is only supported on a Mac via Windows emulation.


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