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Problems with selecting object in PowerShape-e

I recently downloaded Delcam’s PowerShape-e design program for evaluation.  Looking at the videos there seemed to be some very interesting capabilities.  Shortly after downloading I was up and running (after entering in the password) and off to creating my first drawing – a circle!!

Creating the circle worked just fine and was certainly intuitive.  But after the circle was created I just wanted to select it for modification.  Wrong!  No matter what I did I could not select the circle.  A call to tech support and I have the answer:  apparently the software doesn’t play to will with some ATI Radeon video adapters and a parameter needs to be modified.

Go to the path: Program Files (x86) > Delcam > PowerShape1020 > sys > misc

and find the file “powershape.con”

In this file find the section as below:

# Software picking

# Picking is done in hardware by default. Uncommenting this

# resource may solve some picking-related problems.

# software_picking: yes

Now remove the # from the software_picking: yes line as below and save the file. 

# Software picking

# Picking is done in hardware by default. Uncommenting this

# resource may solve some picking-related problems.

software_picking: yes

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Mindjet MindManager 8

I used to use MindManager 6 back when I lived the corporate life with Intel.  It was a good package back then and it came is quite useful on various tasks.  But it never did become a “mainstream” application for me.  This just might change with MindManager 8…

For those of you who might not be familiar with MindManager, it is a software program that helps you organize and brainstorm using mind-mapping techniques.  This technique isn’t for everyone (for example, it’s not “structured”), but it is certainly worth checking into as it can be very instrumental in flushing out ideas and relationships.

Anyway, just recently I upgraded from MindManager 6 to MindManager 8 and what a nice surprise.  It’s too early for me to have explored but a very few of the features, but what I’ve seen I really like.  MindManager 8’s integration with other programs (especially Microsoft Office programs) is superb and very smooth.  I can link to databases, excel sheets, charts, outlook tasks, calendars, and much more.  I even link a MindManager topic to a OneNote book for detailed note taking!

I’ll be writing more on this later, but so far I’m giving it a big “thumbs up”.

Let me know if there is something specific you would like me to look at regarding MindManager 8, or maybe a specific task that you are curious about.

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MailLoop by the Internet Marketing Center

Price: $397 plus bonuses

Mailloop is an auto-responder package marketed by Derek Geihl’s Internet Marketing Center.  It includes most of the features of competitive email auto-responders including:

  • Collecting email addresses from opt-in web forms.
  • Automatically sending confirmations to new subscribers.
  • Responder series messages.
  • Responder broadcast messages.
  • Incoming email forwarding.
  • Unlimited number of custom database fields.
  • Custom email forms using custom database fields.
  • Email and newsletter templates.
  • Built-in ebook distribution.
  • Email address filtering.

It’s important to note that Mailloop is not one of the web based auto-responder services.  This means that you have to install Mialloop on one of your own computers and manage the ins-and-outs of complying with the CAN-SPAM act.  You will also have to work with your ISP to make sure they allow the auto-responder messages to be sent through your account.

Mailloop requires an XP/Vista Windows system.  It is only supported on a Mac via Windows emulation.

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XHeader – Website and email Banner Creation Software

XHeader – home

Price: Free (Nov 7, 2008)

image This is a utility to create banners which could be used on websites and newsletters.  Created and offered by Paul Smithson, the same person that offers XSitePro and XMailPro.  Basically this is a graphics package with a ton of included banner samples that are pre-sized (750 x 150) for a webpage.

As a graphics package it is pretty basic.  It offers simple (by today’s standards) manipulation of text and graphic objects.  Most of the effects are not real-time preview; in other words you have to make the change and apply it before you see what the effect will really look like.  Another example is the object’s order in the stack.  You can click a “send to back” or “bring to front” button, but there is no way to nudge an object back or forward – it’s all or nothing.

However, for someone that is looking for a very inexpensive (how about free) banner creation utility that is quite simple to use it is worth checking out.  Even if you have another graphics package it may be worth it.  I’m considering keeping it around just for the library of template images, with the intent to export the image I want to my graphics editing software of choice (you can save the header as jpg.)

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